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Halloween Cupcake and Candy Bar Printables FREE!!

If your anything like me your in a panic because the class Halloween or fall harvest party is this week and you have to come up with something cute to take quick!!! I've got you covered! I'm attaching some super cute cupcake toppers and candy bar wrappers for a last minute quick and easy make me look like I have it more together that I do solution! :) Run on over to Kroger, Publix or Walmart or wherever you like to purchase your cupcakes from and grab you some. Grab some cardstock and print out our cute cupcake toppers. Use a decorative circle punch if you have one or simply cut out squares and hot glue to some Wilton lollipop sticks...

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Free Back To School Money Envelopes and Excuse Notes!

It's back to school time already here in the south...booooo! These summers just keep getting faster and faster ugh! My little's aren't so little anymore..13, 16 and 21,  but it seems like just yesterday they were all in elementary school and preschool at the same time! The day's don't get any less busy when they get older it just gets different lol. Parents of older kids you hear me!! I spend a lot more time in a hurry up and wait pattern. Hurry up you have to be at practice then wait 1.5 hours for practice to be over..hurry up and get to a show or a game..hurry up and get home to finish homework...hurry up and head to youth...

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FREE Valentines Day Digital Printable Files

Hey everyone! Valentines Day is next week already!! I'm sharing some FREE valentines printables that I shared a few years ago on my other website Sweet By Candy. Enjoy!! Here is a Sweet and Simple idea for your kiddos this Valentines Day! Sweet because its FREE and Simple because anyone can do this!!   Step 1. Grab a pack of full size Hershey Bars and a bag of Miniature Hershey Bars from your local store. Step 2. Print of my FREE Valentines Printable Wrappers. Step 3. Trim them out, wrap them around and glue them or tape them around the back Step 4. Delight your little ones as they are the HIT at school passing out cute and clever Valentines this...

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